Al Moore


Portrait by Robert Howson

The local and international success of hockey in Guelph would never have been possible if the Guelph Minor Hockey Association had not been blessed with some talented, diligent and caring leaders to shepherd it through its early years. People like Doug “Chesty” Brill, Glad Mowatt, Lou Maschio, Henry Fischer and so many others guided the fledgling organization, making it possible for the players to simply focus on the game. Al Moore’s family knew that as winter arrived, he would see less and less of his wife and family.

“He started coaching in 1949 and was soon being called to be an executive with the GMHA. They organized refereeing clinics, coaching seminars and soon became the voices at the provincial and national level.”

Al Moore and his colleagues never asked for pay. They were just pleased to work behind the scenes to make hockey happen in the Royal City. Moore didn’t do it for personal reward but must have taken tremendous satisfaction in seeing many young men from Guelph go on to take their place in hockey at the Junior, Senior and even National Hockey League level. Al with his white hair and attaché case tucked under his arm gave everyone a feeling of comfort, knowing that whatever was being discussed would be done right.

The reward for his efforts was to have forged international partnerships between teams from Guelph and many cities from around the world allowing Guelph youngsters the opportunity to take part in global travel exchanges. As his son Wayne said, “Dad loved every minute of it.”

Inducted into the Guelph Sports Hall of Fame – Builder category – on May 20, 2009