Lionel N. ‘Huck’ O’Connell

Lionel O'Connell

Portrait by Robert Howson

It seems like ‘Huck’ O’Connell has spent half his life in arenas either holding a lacrosse or hockey stick.

He started early as an outstanding athlete playing Junior ‘B’ hockey and Senior Lacrosse for many years – he was so tough on the grid-iron, his teams won four Canadian titles and he was asked to try out for the Ottawa Rough Riders of the Canadian Football League.

But, Huck will be remembered most for building the foundation for lacrosse in the Royal City. He helped start up a Junior ‘A’ team in 1964, and he was again front and centre when the Fergus Thistles won several Canadian titles. He worked in all aspects of the game.

In 1992 Junior ‘B’ lacrosse returned to Guelph and Huck was named team president. Others have also recognized Huck O’Connell’s outstanding contribution to local sport. In 1991 he received the Provincial appreciation award for lacrosse and he was inducted into the Fergus Hall of Fame the following year.

Inducted into the Guelph Sports Hall of Fame – June 2, 1993