William (Bill) Toth

Portrait by Robert Howson

When Bill Toth came to Canada in 1956 from his native Hungary, he brought a piece of his European heritage that still benefits Guelph young people over 40 years later. In 1969 he started the Guelph Kossuth Soccer team which later became part of the Guelph Oaks Sports Club in 1975.

In 1976 he was given the Guelph Order of Merit for “meritorious service and accomplishments for advancement of the City of Guelph and the betterment of its citizens.”

“Uncle Bill”, as he was affectionately known by many, also promoted a lot of international goodwill by hosting teams from other countries in Canada. It was noted that Bill had given away more city plates than the Mayor of Guelph. In 1988 he was honoured by the Government of Canada for his
tremendous work in the community and in 1989 received the Guelph Oaks Sports Clubs President’s Cup in recognition of his many accomplishments.

His love of sports has touched the lives of many of Guelph’s young people and this year the club sponsors almost 300 athletes.

Inducted into the Guelph Sports Hall of Fame May 6, 1998