Ralph William (Bill) Devorski

 Ralph William (Bill) Devorski

Ralph William (Bill) Devorski

A life-long Guelph resident, Bill Devorski was more recognizable in a referee’s shirt than street clothes.

He refereed at all levels for 35 years in the Ontario Hockey Association, which is a record
still held today.

He was also one of the first officials to referee international hockey games featuring the Soviet Union, Poland and Germany.

In the summer he was the boss on the soccer field handling professional games in Toronto to International games featuring the Glasgow Rangers and Manchester United Celtic.

Devorski wasn’t born with a whistle in his mouth however, he played hockey and soccer as a youth. He made it into the Junior ‘B’ level in hockey and also played junior and senior soccer for city teams. It wasn’t until the age of 20 he traded in his skates and cleats for a whistle.

Bill Devorski is now on the Honour Roll of both the National Referees of Canada and the OHA. He is also very proud to have taught several Guelph officials who went on to work in the NHL, including two of his sons, Paul and Greg.

Inducted into the Guelph Sports Hall of Fame April 7, 1994