Job opportunities

Every year Sleeman Centre offers a wide variety of seasonal job opportunities – from hospitality to food and beverage services to on the floor event operations. Seasonal part time job opportunities are advertised in late July or early August for the upcoming hockey season. A broad range of skills are required to fill the part time roster each year, and some positions require specific qualifications.

When positions are available they’ll be listed on the Current Openings page of the City of Guelph website.

Food and Beverage Services

Part time positions for the suites include hostesses, cooks, bartenders and servers. The restaurant employs part time line cooks, dishwashers, bartenders and food servers.  Concession servers and cooks are also required.

Event Operations

Part time event operations positions include cleaners, rink attendants, shift leaders and event personnel team members.

Event Services

Part time event services positions include ushers, ticket takers and security staff